COL-AEGLIA Institute for Occupational Vision

Takeover COL ltd.

The AEGLIA Institute for Occupational Vision (IOV) has entered into an agreement with City Occupational Ltd. (COL) to takeover the company and to proceed under the name COL-AEGLIA Institute for Occupational Vision. As a result of this agreement, the products known as the AVOT portfolio of eye testing software for occupational vision will be made available to the new organization. This includes the CAD colour test and other Advanced Vision and Optometric Test (AVOT), which are accepted by EASA, FAA and CAA (UK) for use in the aerospace environments to determine if airline pilots and air traffic controllers are colour-save to perform their duties.

New developments

This new agreement will allow Professor John Barbur and his team at the Centre for Applied Vision Research to focus on the development of novel tests designed to address current needs within both occupations and the clinic. COL-Aeglia Institute for Occupational Vision will concentrate on delivering vision assessment protocols that emerge from the new studies. COL-Aeglia will also provide marketing, training and support for new and existing customers worldwide to ensure that these unique products reach the marketplace and benefit customers.

New bord members

COL-Aeglia Institute for Occupational Vision is also pleased to welcome two additional board members to represent CAAi and City University, London.

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