COL-AEGLIA Institute for Occupational Vision


Modular concept

Below an overview of our product portfolio of test software for occupational vision. The basic systeem has minimal the ACAD-colour module installed. Additional modules can be added to increase functionality. The systems are preinstalled and tested at COL-Aeglia before delivery. Hands-on training can also be scheduled before delivery to give new customers a quick start by using their own system. Training can also be given on our premisses by using systems from COL-Aeglia.

Color monitor

The high-resolution and calibrated color monitor is best installed close to the ACAD system and separated by a black curtain to prevent incoming daylight. This high resolution display is part of the AVOT-PRO Basic System.

Additional Modules

Patients with severe loss of visual acuity cannot carry out conventional tests based on pseudoisochomatic test plates and also experience some difficulty with the CAD test. The ACAD test is ideal for use in low vision patents and young children.

Measure visual acuity (VA) and functional contrast sensitivity (FCS) with standard protocols for mesopic and photopic lighting conditions. Acuity-Plus also supports assessment of ‘Visual Crowding.’

Poor spatial vision is often caused by gradual increase in light scatter in older eyes. Large amounts of scattered light also cause increased discomfort glare, particularly during night driving.

Preliminary studies have identified rapid flicker sensitivity as an important biomarker in glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and ocular hypertension. Measures thresholds at the fovea and in each of the four quadrants at the same time.