COL-AEGLIA Institute for Occupational Vision

Test colour vision with 100% sensitivity and specificity in detecting and classifying congenital deficiencies. Includes certification limits for pilots and air traffic controllers as well as age-corrected ‘normal’ limits.

The CAD test was the company's first product in a series of tests that emerged from fundamental research studies designed to assess different aspects of visual performance. The CAD test employs a new approach to colour vision assessment and is based on a number of research studies carried out over several years at City University, London. The test relies on novel techniques that isolate the use of colour signals and employs templates based on the statistical distribution of red/green and yellow/blue colour thresholds measured in 333 subjects with "normal" colour vision and the observed patterns of colour vision loss measured in hundreds of subjects with colour vision deficiencies (either congenital, or acquired or both).


  • Detects minimal colour vision deficiencies that often pass unnoticed in conventional colour vision tests.
  • Separates "normal" subjects from congenital colour deficients with 100% sensitivity and specificity.
  • Provides automatic classification of subject’s class of colour vision (i.e., normal trichromacy, protan-, deutan- or tritan-like congenital deficiencies or acquired loss of chromatic sensitivity).
  • Quantifies the severity of RG and YB colour vision loss in both congenital and acquired colour deficiency.
  • Detects and classifies acquired loss of chromatic sensitivity.
  • Provides automatic detection of significant changes in chromatic sensitivity when monitoring progress of disease or treatment.
  • Provides automatic certification outcome based on the limits described in the CAA and FAA reports.


  • Occupational medicine (certification): aviation, fire service, police, train drivers, etc.
  • Medical (early detection of eye disease): ARMD, diabetes, glaucoma, public health.
  • Research (fundamental and clinical): chromatic mechanisms, ophthalmology, neurology, drug trials.

AVOT Professional

  • Suitable computer, mouse, 2 USB extension cables, 2 USB 6-key response buttons pads, USB table lamp, flexible tape measure, eye patch.
  • Professional colour-stable, 10-bits per colour, 24″ LCD display.
  • Calibration of the spectral power distribution of each phosphor.
  • Initial RGB calibration of luminance vs. applied gun voltage.
  • Base software for AVOT applications.
  • LUMCAL program for screen calibration.

CAD Module

CAD test program for colour assessment. Order code: CAD-MODULE. 

Optional Extras

  • Calibrated photometer unit including tripod. Order code: PHOTOM-MAVO. 
  • Other accurate photometers can be supplied on request.
  • Acuity-Plus test module. Order code: AP-MODULE. 
  • Spectrally calibrated neutral density sunglasses for measuring acuity at mesopic light levels using Acuity-Plus and for measuring rod sensitivities using the Night Vision module for Flicker-Plus. Order code: ND-GLASSES-1L0.
  • Light Scatter test module. Order code: LS-MODULE. 
  • Flicker-Plus test module. Order code: FP-MODULE. 
  • Night Vision (rod/cone differential sensitivity loss) module and profile, for use with Flicker-Plus. Order code: NV-PROFILE. 
  • ACAD test module. Order code: ACAD-MODULE.