COL-AEGLIA Institute for Occupational Vision

Measure visual acuity (VA) and functional contrast sensitivity (FCS) with standard protocols for mesopic and photopic lighting conditions. Acuity-Plus also supports assessment of ‘Visual Crowding.’

The Acuity-Plus test offers optimised tests of Visual Acuity and Functional Contrast Sensitivity, a measure of contrast sensitivity that is easy to use and is relevant in occupational environments.

Standard protocols are defined for testing both photopic and mesopic vision. They are designed to discover if an applicant has normal, age-corrected vision.


The parameters selected for the standard protocols are ideal for use in:

  • Clinical applications when the aim is to establish whether the subject’s performance is within normal, age-corrected limits. This is of interest since performance outside the upper normal limit can be indicative of early stage disease.
  • Certification work in occupational environments when the need is to ensure the applicant’s visual performance fulfils minimum requirements.
  • Clinical trials when the requirement is to monitor changes in visual performance over time.

Flexibility when you need it

The standard protocols employed in the Acuity-Plus test are not always appropriate for work with unusual patients or for research studies. The ‘User-defined’ protocols were designed for these cases and allow the experimenter to alter both stimulus and/or measurement parameters, as required.

AVOT Professional

  • Suitable computer, mouse, 2 USB extension cables, 2 USB 6-key response buttons pads, USB table lamp, flexible tape measure, eye patch.
  • Professional colour-stable, 10-bits per colour, 24″ LCD display.
  • Calibration of the spectral power distribution of each phosphor.
  • Initial RGB calibration of luminance vs. applied gun voltage.
  • Base software for AVOT applications.
  • LUMCAL program for screen calibration.

Order code: AVOT-PRO-UK. 

Supplied with US keyboard. Order code: AVOT-PRO-US. 

Supplied with German keyboard. Order code: AVOT-PRO-DE. 


Power cable set for IEC plug type G (as used in eg., UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong). Order code: POWER-UK. (included in the price).

Power cable set for CEE plug type 7/7 (compatible with eg., France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Spain and Tunisia). Order code: POWER-EU. (included in the price).

Power cable set for IEC plug type I (as used in eg., Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Argentina). Order code: POWER-AU. 

Power cable set for IEC plug type M (as used in eg., South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho). Order code: POWER-RSA. 

Acuity-Plus Module

Acuity-Plus test program for measuring acuity. Order code: AP-MODULE. 

Optional Extras

  • Calibrated photometer unit including tripod. Order code: PHOTOM-MAVO. 
  • Other accurate photometers can be supplied on request.
  • CAD test module. Order code: CAD-MODULE.
  • Spectrally calibrated neutral density sunglasses for measuring acuity at mesopic light levels using Acuity-Plus and for measuring rod sensitivities using the Night Vision module for Flicker-Plus. Order code: ND-GLASSES-1L0. 
  • Light Scatter test module. Order code: LS-MODULE. 
  • Flicker-Plus test module. Order code: FP-MODULE. 
  • Night Vision (rod/cone differential sensitivity loss) module and profile, for use with Flicker-Plus. Order code: NV-PROFILE. 
  • ACAD test module. Order code: ACAD-MODULE.