COL-AEGLIA  Institute for Occupational Vision

Are you colourblind

Failed Ishihara's and Anomaloscope tests?

Then try the CAD Colour Test with us. There are new opportunities for individuals with colour vision deficiency (e.g. pilots, truckdrivers, artists, maritime people etc.). Unfortunately, not for everyone. But a 35% chance exists that you could be "colour safe" for your occupation. Take the test, and you'll know for sure! Colour Test (Colour Assessment and Diagnosis). In England, a test has been developed that displays moving colours on a grayish background. This test is fully accepted by EASA, CAA UK, FAA and other authorities. The aspiring test subject sits in front of a computer screen and must press a button with a switch in the corner where the colour disappears. The coloured spots have different intensities.

The human factor is eliminated, unlike all other colour test (e.g. the Lantern Test) where the test administrator can influence the outcome based on colour choices whether someone passes the test or not. It also doesn't matter whether the aspiring test subject is well-rested or not: They themselves decide how long it takes to make a choice about which corner the colour disappears in. With this new test, a third, 35% of those who didn't pass the Lantern Test can be considered colour safe still for their relevant occupations(e.g.: pilots) and be considered colour-safe.

You can't prepare for or practice this test. The person administering the test will let you practice on the day of the test until you feel comfortable to perform the test. The colour spots are chosen by the algoritm, and there are millions of possible options.

If you have doubts about your colour discrimination ability, please contact us. We have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to administer the CAD Colour Test. You'll receive the results immediately.

Remember: We only measure, we don't judge.